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Welcome. It's such a common word.
The measure of true welcome is the ability of the host to make a guest feel relaxed and comfortable, feel at home. Hope you will get this feeling at

Host: Albina Aminova
Biography: I was born on May 25, 1980, in one of the largest cities in Russia, Ufa. I enjoyed a childhood of stability and peace. My parents supported all my interests in music, creating and painting. My explorations of the art world started with Pioneer Organization Palace and Art school. I attended primary-school teacher's training College, Bashkirian State Teacher's Training University in Art and Graphic. It was clear to me that I would love to spend my life by expressing inner world through ornamental and applied art, graphics, paintings and photography. 

My passion for art and painting had come together in a career as a designer.

Painting is giving me great satisfaction and chance to fulfill people feelings, bring light, warmth and kindness.   I’ve put a lot of thoughts and emotions in every single canvas. My main motivation is to express the beauty, drama, love and mystery in our lives, and of course, make the world brighter.






On March I've painted a first car.  It's great!




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